Welcome to the incoming tourists' news agency of the company of Darya Hotel - Building Development and Darya Gashte Nilgoon

Having several years of experience of providing tour and travel services and building hotels throughout the country without effective presence of private sector in this area, the company of Darya Hotel- building Development, after receiving license from Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, took action to establish travel service office of Darya gashte Nilgoon, relying on experience and modern knowledge of tourism industry and also applying a set of service providers including travel and tour guiding service offices, aerial, rail, path and nautical transportation agencies, hotels, rest houses and inns as well as tourism attraction receptionists and restaurants in Tehran.
A support of more than ten years of successful experience in providing domestic and foreign tours with the best quality and the most reasonable price has set us in a position to be able to supply dreamy travels and guarantee unforgettable memories for you.
Tourism in Iran enjoys very high capacities for development. Based on the report of Global Organization of Globe Trotting, Tourism in Iran has tenth rank in archaeological and historical attractions and fifth rank in natural attractions in the world and it is one of the safest countries of the region and world for foreign tourists in security.
In the last few years, introducing a new face of our country, Iran, to the world and its influence in increasing tourism and incoming tours, we took action to hold incoming tours through several years of successful experience relying on professional staff as well as novel and distinct services.
Possessing more than thousands of members that have been using the services of this collection from the beginning until now and also more than 1000 hotels, restaurants and domicile-recreation centers, contract party with the company around the world, is a strong reason in order to apply a novel thought with excellent quality and of course a minimum price.
Prophecy of incoming tours sector of the company of Darya Hotel- building Development is to set the grounds for presence of global tourists and introduce this archaeological and wonderful country to them so that we can take high steps regarding development of this industry by means of familiarizing rich culture of our dear country to researchers, the interested and the fond of visiting Iran as well as attracting incoming tourists and presenting services with standards competing with pioneer countries in the field of international tourism.
Our long-term perspective consists of important and underlying activities of Iran’s tour guide community including helping to fulfill quantitative and qualitative goals determined in the country’s development programs, endeavoring to organize and enhance qualitative level of specialized educations of tour- bringing offices and companies in order to offer the optimum services and promote their quality with global standards, collective sharing in decision-makings concerning especially Iran’s Trade Development Company and Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization for the purpose of removing  the existing obstacles and problems on the way of development of incoming tourism, out- coming awards and tax exemption.
Index goals of the company of Darya Hotel- building Development and Darya gashte Nilgoon
. Introducing Iran as one of the important poles of the world tourism possessing immemorial background of civilization and culture, nature and various climate conditions
. Attempting for development of tourism industry in the field of incoming tours as one of the country’s most vivid and most useful economic activity with respect to creating new job opportunities especially for the young generation and exchange making.
. Creating tourism opportunities for purchasers and sellers of tourism industry products with the purpose of prospering handicraft and similar items market.
. Cooperating in codifying rules and regulations of tourism in a way that it is made sure that members enjoy a reliable atmosphere for doing activities and tourists attain peace and relief.
. Notifying members about the latest domestic and foreign revolutions that influence their activities.
Company’s services are as follows:
• Taking Iran’s tourism visa
• Presenting program of recreational, visitational, cultural, historical and other tours according to tourists’ demands and tastes
• Reserving two, three, four and five star hotels in farthest parts of Iran
• Offering various outings along with local and Persian-speaking guides
• Providing tickets for domestic and foreign flights
• Transportation services
• Having experienced labor force and specialists in globetrotting (such as hotels staff, agencies personnel and globetrotting guides)
• Resolving respected tourists’ problems in our dear country, Iran

We believe that such countries as Iran which enjoys ancient history and culture and different beliefs and legends have been influential in formation of many places and rituals; using existential philosophy hidden inside them, we can encourage tourists to visit them. In our country, various celebrations and rituals have been formed based on religious beliefs, local legends and historical events that sometimes even the young generation are uninformed of them too; applying these philosophies in advertising programs and interpretations on the part of tour guides is a way for being more successful in attracting tourists.

In Darya Hotel building, we follow a simple goal:
Using the exact tools for creating superior services and attracting travelers’ satisfaction